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Discover the art of salesmanship with our Sales Essentials section, featuring a curated collection of academic articles dedicated to various sales topics. Delve into the theories, techniques, and best practices that drive successful sales performance, from prospecting and lead generation to relationship building and closing deals. These scholarly resources provide research-backed insights and in-depth analysis, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in the world of sales. Perfect for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts, the Sales Essentials section serves as a valuable knowledge base for mastering the skills and strategies required to succeed in today’s competitive sales environment.

Contributing Authors

  1. What Is Inside Sales? Inside Sales vs Outside Sales
  2. What Is Sales? – Sales vs. Marketing vs. Business Development
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  4. Price Skimming: Definition, Strategy, & Examples
  5. Business to Consumer (B2C) | Definition, Types, & Examples
  6. What is Business Development?
  7. B2B vs. B2C | Difference Between B2B & B2C
  8. Business to Business (B2B) | Definition, Types, & Examples
  9. Dynamic Pricing – Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples
  10. Customer vs. Consumer – Relationship & Difference
  11. What Is A Sales Funnel?
  12. Wholesale & Wholesaler – Definition, Types, & Examples
  13. Sales Promotion – Definition, Strategies, & Examples
  14. What Is Retail? Retailing Types, Functions, & Characteristics
  15. What Is A Sales Plan? How To Create One? [+ Free Template]
  16. What Is Business? – Definition, Concept & Types
  17. What Is Price Anchoring & How It Works?