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Discover the art and science of branding with our Branding Essentials section, featuring a wealth of articles and resources dedicated to brand development, management, and positioning. Learn about the crucial elements of creating a strong brand identity, exploring visual design, messaging, and brand differentiation topics.
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Contributing Authors

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  8. What is Brand Dilution? – Causes, Examples, & How To Avoid It
  9. What Is Rebranding? – A Complete Guide
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  12. Brand Extension: Definition, Types, & Examples
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  14. What Is Brand Value & How Is It Different From Brand Equity?
  15. What Is Brand Strategy & How To Develop One? [Ultimate Guide]
  16. What Is Brand Architecture? – Components, Types, & Examples
  17. Brand Management – Definition, Functions, & Process
  18. Brand Promotion – Meaning, Importance & Examples
  19. What Is Brand Purpose And Why Is It Important?
  20. The Importance Of Branding In Today’s World
  21. Brand Awareness – Definition, Importance, Strategy, & Examples
  22. What Is Branding? – Importance, Types, Elements & Examples
  23. What Is Brand Loyalty? – Types, Importance, & Examples
  24. What Is Brand Message? How To Craft A Brand Message?
  25. What Is Sonic Branding? The Psychology Of Sonic Branding
  26. What Is Brand Identity? – Importance & Examples
  27. What Is Brand Equity? Why Is It Important?
  28. Brand Integration | What Is Branded Entertainment?
  29. What Is Brand Voice? How To Develop One?
  30. What Is Brand Image? – Importance & Examples
  31. Brand Positioning: Definition, Types, & Examples
  32. What is Brand Personality? Definition & Examples
  33. What is A Brand? – Importance, Elements, Types, & Examples