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The Startup Essentials section offers a curated selection of articles and resources designed to guide and inspire entrepreneurs on their journey to launching and scaling successful startups. From ideation and business planning to funding and growth strategies, gain access to invaluable insights and best practices that will help you navigate the challenging world of entrepreneurship.
The Startup Essentials section is an indispensable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage founders, and business enthusiasts seeking to thrive in today’s start-up ecosystem.

Contributing Authors

  1. What Is Love Money? Definition, Importance, & Sources
  2. Term Sheet: Everything You Need To Know
  3. What Is A Lead Investor? – Importance & Role
  4. What Is Mortgage Tech?- Challenges, Use Cases and Examples
  5. What Is Cleantech?- Challenges, Use Cases and Examples
  6. What Is Medtech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  7. Private Investors: Definition, Types, Where To Find Them
  8. What Is Entrepreneur In Residence?
  9. What Is Customer Development? Importance & Process
  10. What Is Regtech? – Use Cases, Challenges, & Future
  11. What Is Startup Ecosystem? How Does It Work?
  12. What Is Pet Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  13. What Is Legal Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  14. Soft Launch: Meaning, Objectives, Strategy, & Examples
  15. What Is Space Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  16. What Is Adtech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  17. What Is Insurtech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  18. What Is Foodtech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  19. What Is MarTech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  20. What Is HR Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  21. Founder Vesting: How Vesting Works in New Businesses?
  22. What Is A Startup Studio?
  23. What Is A Value Chain? Why Is It Important?
  24. What Is A Startup Accelerator?
  25. What Is Mezzanine Financing? How Does It Work?
  26. Rewards-Based Crowdfunding: What Is It & How It Works?
  27. Venture Debt for Startups: What Is It and How to Get It
  28. What Is Acqui-Hiring & How It Works?
  29. Two-Sided Marketplace: What Is It & How It Operates?
  30. Pre-Seed Funding Explained: What It Is & How It Works
  31. Who is a Solopreneur? – Characteristics & Types
  32. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): Definition, Characteristics, & Examples
  33. Value Creation: How Is Customer Value Created & Measured?
  34. What Is An Operating Model?
  35. What is Gamma Testing? – A Detailed Guide
  36. What Is Alpha Testing? – A Detailed Guide
  37. What Is Social Entrepreneurship? – Types & Examples
  38. Seed Funding Explained: What It Is & How It Works
  39. What Is Beta Testing? – A Detailed Guide
  40. What Is Customer Retention Rate? How To Calculate It?
  41. What Is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – Formula & Example
  42. What Is Churn Rate? – Meaning, Types, & Formulas
  43. What Is Burn Rate & Startup Runway?
  44. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) – Definition, Characteristics, & Examples
  45. What Is Debt Financing? – Types, Sources, Pros & Cons
  46. What Is Equity Financing? – Types, Sources, Pros & Cons
  47. What Is Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)?
  48. What Is Stealth Startup? – Types & Examples
  49. What Is Deep Tech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  50. What Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? – Formula & Examples
  51. What Is An Accredited Investor?
  52. What Is Angel Investor?
  53. What Is Serial Entrepreneur? – Characteristics & Examples
  54. What Is A Convertible Note? – Meaning, Terms, & Examples
  55. What Is Infratech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  56. What Is Proof Of Concept? [A Detailed Guide]
  57. Accelerator vs. Incubator: A Comprehensive Comparison
  58. What Is EdTech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  59. What Is Agritech? – Use Cases, Examples, & Future
  60. Go-To-Market Strategy [The Ultimate Guide]
  61. What Is Cofounder? – Founder vs. Cofounder
  62. What Is Ramen Profitability?
  63. What Is A Decacorn?
  64. What Is Venture Capital & How It Works?
  65. What Is Scaleup Company?
  66. What Is Entrepreneurship? – Types & Importance
  67. What Is A Business Plan? – Meaning & Components
  68. What Is Startup Pivoting? [A Guide for Beginners]
  69. Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists
  70. What Is A Company? – Features & Types
  71. What Is A Beta Version?
  72. Who Are Early Adopters & Why Do They Matter?
  73. The Startup Life Cycle
  74. What Is A Startup Incubator?
  75. What Is A Unicorn Startup Company?
  76. What Is Disruptive Innovation?
  77. What Is M-Commerce? | The Rise Of Mobile Commerce
  78. What Is Elevator Pitch? – Examples & How-To Guide
  79. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) vs. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  80. MVP vs. Beta: What’s The Difference?
  81. Vision Statement: The Complete Guide
  82. What Is A Prototype? – Examples, Types, & Qualities
  83. What Is A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
  84. Your Complete Guide To Crowdsourcing
  85. What Is Intrapreneurship & Who Is An Intrapreneur?
  86. 10 Characteristics of a Great Entrepreneur
  87. Who is an Entrepreneur? – Characteristics & Types
  88. Who Is An Infopreneur? [Ultimate Guide]
  89. What Is Revenue? Revenue vs Income vs Profit vs Sales
  90. What Is A Revenue Model? – Components & Types
  91. Exit Strategy: Everything You Need To Know
  92. Lean Canvas: Everything You Should Know
  93. Startup or Start-up: Which is correct?
  94. What Is A Startup?
  95. What Is A Business Model? The 30 Types Explained