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The 8 Best Branding Courses On The Internet


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A quick visit to an online or offline marketplace will make you realise how important is branding today as compared to four to five decades ago. Brands are psychology and art combined together as a promise mark that convey uniformity, credibility, and experience.

There’s competition in almost everything you sell, and brand is that special sauce that makes your offering more appealing even though there are no special features in it.

But branding is hard.

It’s not easy to predict the right design, identity, and positioning that will make customer choose your product over others. This usually comes with experience. But you can always start with a branding course.

Here’s a tightly curated list of the 8 best branding courses on the internet to help you with your venture of developing a brand out of your business.

The Rundown

  1. For The Beginners: Business Branding Masterclass | Increase Your Products Value, ‘A detailed course for beginners to understand the concepts of branding, target marketing, competition analysis, and brand building.’
  2. To Learn How To Build A Brand: Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 1 - Strategy, ‘A perfect course for branding enthusiasts to learn the techniques, frameworks and processes to build a strategic & effective brand from scratch.’
  3. Branding For Startups: Branding & Marketing For Startups: Learn How To Stand Out, ‘A specialised course for non-designer entrepreneurs and startup owners to learn the art of disruptive branding and getting work done from designers without breaking the bank.’
  4. To Learn Brand Management: Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand And Behaviour, ‘Managing a brand is as not an easy task. This course offers a brand workout to manage the brand not just as a visual identity, but as an experience.’
  5. To Understand The Psychology Of Branding: Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 2 - Expression, ‘A special course for those who want to understand the psychology aspect of branding and develop a brand backed by neuroscience.’
  6. To Understand The Art Of Brand Storytelling:  Storytelling for Marketing and Entrepreneurship, ‘A special course to help develop a brand with a story that sticks in the minds of the customers.’
  7. To Learn How To Design Brands: Do It Yourself Branding & Graphic Design for Non-Designers, ‘A detailed course-cum-guide for non-designer entrepreneurs and business owners who want to develop their company’s visual brand themselves using readily available tools.’
  8. To Learn Logo Design: Logo Design: Illustrating Logo Marks, ‘Logo is the face of the brand. This is an extensive course to teach the intricacies of logo design and illustration.'

Recommended Branding Courses

Business Branding Masterclass | Increase Your Products Value

A course for anyone who wants to understand the basics of branding and how a brand can increase the value of your business. The course focuses on teaching the basics of - 

  • Target marketing (understanding your target market),
  • Internal brand communication (brand purpose, mission, and vision)
  • Brand positioning (understanding buyer persona and developing a unique positioning strategy),
  • Brand personality (discovering and defining a unique brand voice and personality),
  • Brand message (learning the importance of brand storytelling and developing a message to stand out), and
  • Brand designs (understanding the theory of brand design - brand color, font, and logo).

This is a perfect course for you If you're new to branding and want to clear your basics before moving ahead. 

Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 1 - Strategy

A complete foundation course with practical examples and assessment exercises to help you understand the brand building process better.

The course moves steadily with step-by-step guidelines to teach you -

  • The anatomy of a strategic brand
  • The importance of brand strategy
  • How to discover and state brand purpose
  • Defining brand vision, mission, and core values
  • Defining your brand's personality and positioning strategy

The course is just 3.5 hours long but is perfect to build a brand with a solid foundation in place, strategically built around who your audience is.

Branding & Marketing For Startups: Learn How To Stand Out

Startups need to stand out, and branding is an important aspect which makes them fulfil this need. This is a specialised course which will help you brand your startup better by 

  • Identifying your target customer better, 
  • Coming up with sticky brand names
  • Combining your personal story with the brand story
  • Develop a disruptive brand voice and personality
  • Find and work with a professional graphic designer without breaking your bank

If you're an entrepreneur and want to learn more than just the basics of startup branding, this course is for you.

brand management course

A six weeks long course to help you develop and manage a brand as a promise. This course focuses on teaching you how your brand can be developed into a an experience throughout the "moments that matter" along the customer journey.

This is a perfect course for you if you already have some experience in branding and need more practical examples and guidance in honing your skills and build brands in multi-brand companies.  

brand psychology

To Understand The Psychology Of Branding: 

Neuromarketing and neuroscience is something storming the branding sphere because of its accuracy.

If you're among those who ask a lot of whys and whats like - 

  • What made the customer take a specific decision?
  • Why the customer likes a particular brand and not others?
  • What effect does a specific color has on the brand?

...this course is for you.

The course focuses on the science behind branding and brand messages. You'll learn how to develop a scientifically backed brand identity and brand communication messages, and will take an objective look at the visual identity.

brand storytelling

To Learn The Art Of Brand Storytelling: 

Storytelling is amongst the most important aspects of branding. In fact, a good brand revolves around great storytelling.

This course teaches you how you can use emotions to influence consumer behaviour. You'll learn from the mistakes of others, understand the 'whys' of your business, and develop a brand message that will not only attract customers but will make them refer it to others too, creating a word of mouth chain.

brand design course

If you're a non-designer who wants to develop the brand identity of your company yourself, this course is for you.

This course will teach you how to develop your brand's logo, branded assets, marketing materials, letterhead, business cards and social media graphics using simple and free online tools. You'll also learn the design principles of layout, font pairing and color theory to help you develop a professional-looking brand identity.

logo design course

A logo is the face of the brand, and just like face needs a different treatment than the body, so does the logo. This is a course-cum-guide explaining the types of logos that exist today and teaching how you can use shapes, colors, fonts, dimensions, and spaces to develop a logo for your own brand.

The best part is that this course is designed for complete beginners so you even start with it even if you don't have much knowledge about designing. 

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