2x4 USB-C Audio interface

Apogee Duet

Apogee Duet

3 Quarter Side Profile of Apogee Duet

Pro Mobile Studio

Apogee Duet 3 is the latest evolution of the industry standard audio interface that brought studio-quality recordings to the masses. Now includes onboard hardware DSP that powers the Symphony ECS Channel Strip for zero-latency recording with FX. From the tour bus to the hotel, never let an idea go to waste with Duet 3.

Price: $649

3 Quarter Side Profile of Apogee Duet

Superior Sound Quality

Achieving superior sound quality in a digital audio interface requires experienced engineering that artfully orchestrates AD/DA converters, digital clocking, analog circuitry and power management technology to achieve a harmonious blend of carefully selected components and thoughtful design. Duet is the result of decades of innovation and expertise and delivers sound quality unmatched in its class.

Legendary AD/DA Converters

With two inputs and four outputs of legendary Apogee AD/DA conversion, plus two world-class preamps, Duet is the perfect partner for your home and mobile studio. Connect microphones, guitars, keyboard and line level devices to capture every detail. Monitor and mix with the full depth and dimension of your sound through two truly-balanced, line-level analog outputs for speakers. And, power your headphones with a zero-ohm headphone output for a dedicated headphone mix.

World Class Preamps

One of the most critical components for high quality recording is your preamp and the pres in Apogee Duet are world-class. With up to 65dB of gain and 48v phantom power, you can cleanly and precisely capture any audio source with even the most demanding microphones. Meticulous Apogee engineering, keeps noise and distortion down, even as you crank up the gain.

Plug-In to On-board DSP

To capture your best performance, you need to dial in an inspiring sound quickly and easily. And few things are more distracting than latency when trying to record. Duet gives you on-board hardware DSP for FX processing with the Symphony ECS Channel Strip to precisely shape your tone on input and give you great sounding tracks, all while eliminating the delay that can occur while recording.

Get An Extra Headphone Jack

Get access to an additional 1/4″ headphone jack when using the Duet Dock. Streamline your work while also cleaning up your desk with Duet 3 Dock.

Dock Price: $179

Creative Control

Apogee Control 2 software for macOS, iOS and Windows

Apogee Control 2 software gives you complete access to all of Duet 3’s functions and features including the Symphony ECS Channel Strip FX running on the hardware DSP.

Apogee Control 2 for macOS that Apogee Duet users will use.

Apogee Control 2 for macOS and Windows

Apogee Control 2 for iOS that is included with Apogee Duet

Apogee Control 2 for iOS and iPad OS

Easily record and mix your projects on the go using your iPad Pro, iPad* or iPhone* with GarageBand or your favorite recording application. Duet 3 and your iOS device deliver the ultimate mobile workstation for music production, podcast recording or any type of content creation that requires high-quality audio inputs and outputs.

*A 12 – 20W USB-C Power Adapter and an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter are required when connecting to any iOS device with a Lightning connector.

Included Software

Register your new Apogee Duet to receive your included software & exclusive discount code.


Start your ear training early with a free premium membership of SoundGym for 1 month. 

Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live Lite is a fresh and easy way to write, record, produce and perform your own music.

Neural DSP Tone King

Exclusive 60-day trial of The Tone King Mk II plugin by Neural DSP. 

Get 50% off Apogee plugins when you buy a new Duet 3

A Part Of History

In 2007, the original Apogee Duet shattered the expectations of what a home studio interface could be. Professional, personal, and portable, Duet revolutionized independent recording and empowered musicians, producers, and engineers with legendary Apogee sound quality, elegant design, and effortless ease of use. Now, the all-new Duet 3 brings next-generation Apogee performance and features to a beautiful, ultra-low profile design.



*Get an extra 1/4″ headphone jack when using Duet 3 with Duet Dock. The 2nd headphone jack mirrors the first one.



*All iPads with an USB-C port are compatible with BOOM.
Devices with a Lightning port require the camera connection kit and a powered USB-A hub.

Included Software*

*All offers require registration of new Duet 3 on Apogee Registration Account









Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the Apogee Duet 3 is compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.

This port is used for connecting an external power supply only. It does not support any passthrough for other USB or MIDI devices.

Computers with USB Type C ports supporting USB 3.0 and up should deliver enough bus power to operate the Duet 3.

On computers with USB Type A ports (USB 1 and 2), there could be scenarios where insufficient power is available for Duet 3. Under these circumstances, you can use the additional USB-C port to provide the extra power needed.

Yes, all Apogee USB products are class compliant.

No, the Duet 3 internal DSP only runs the ECS Channels Strip.

Duet 3 is a completely new design based on the latest analog and digital innovation from Apogee. The result is a new generation of best-in-class sound quality improvements, including significantly better dynamic range and an even better-sounding headphone amplifier that uses our Zero-Ohm technology.

Duet 3 also includes embedded DSP for processing audio on input to appeal to artists that want to monitor with the lowest latency possible

Apogee Duet 3 User Guide

Click the button to download the user guide for Duet or head on over to our knowledge base for more answers.