A New Standard Has Been Set.

Introducing the Symphony I/O Mk II 16×16 Special Edition

More than a Simple Upgrade

Hear the difference

The 16×16 Special Edition is Apogee’s best-performing conversion…ever. With a greater dynamic range and a lower total harmonic distortion, your listening experience
will forever change.

One Step Ahead

Built for Immersive Audio

Start working with Immersive audio systems without needing an external monitor controller. Thanks to Symphony I/O’s Monitor Workflow.

Better Performance

20% More Efficient

In a masterful feat of electrical engineering, the 16×16 SE I/O module has fewer parts than its predecessor while also running about 20% more efficiently. That means a cooler running interface, even with a fully loaded 32×32 chassis.

32x32SE Module

Eddie Kramer x Symphony I/O Mk II 16x16 SE

Eddie Kramer is one of the most renowned recording engineers and music producers in all of rock n roll history. Best known for his work with iconic rock bands in the 1960s and 1970s (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, KISS, etc.). He recently upgraded his studio with the new Symphony I/O Mk II 16×16 Special Edition which sets a new standard in pro audio quality. 

Jacob Proctor x Symphony I/O Mk II 16x16 SE

Meet Jake Proctor, a multi award winning Salt Lake City-based Sound Designer, Film Mixer, Foley Artist, Post Production supervisor and all around sonic storyteller. 

Whether he’s out in the wilderness capturing custom sounds,  building soundscapes in his studio, or mixing in Dolby Atmos on his stage, Jake is obsessed with using sound to tell great stories. Discover Jake’s unique workspace, wildly inventive techniques and technical journey upgrading Strawberry Sound for Dolby Atmos mixing, powered by the Symphony I/O MkII.

Getting Started Mixing in Dolby Atmos

Mixing Stereo & Dolby Atmos At The Same Time

How I Use Symphony I/O Mk II's New Monitor Workflow




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